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Biz Kids

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

BizKids is a team focused on teaching elementary students basic business and economic principles through our curriculum. The team is working with a local school, Weller Elementary, and the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield, Missouri. Our goal is to expand the curriculum beyond Springfield.

2018 - 2019 Project Objectives

  • Continuing to develop the BizKids curriculum by creating a Teacher Training Guide and protecting their intellectual property

  • Preparing to have a Boys and Girls Club Training Seminar on October 22nd to teach others how to teach the curriculum

  • Working to create templates such as sign-up documents, and posters marketing the club “BizKids”

  • Analyzing data from previous sessions of the curriculum at the Boys and Girls Club and Weller Elementary

  • Reaching out to prospective partners of the program

Project Update 3-22-19

  • Average results of Pilot 1 (Weller): Pre-test: 57%, Post Test: 81%

  • Average results of Pilot 2 (Stalnaker): Pre-test: 57.5%, Post Test: 83%

  • Average results of Pilot 3 (all SPF units): Pre-test: 54.8% Post Test: 65%

  • Analysis: 6 weeks of material presented in 2 days without a chance to re-emphasize main points hinders retention, staff did not execute the daily “quizzes” for each unit which would serve as refreshers for each topic, 3 hour time blocks is a long time for kids to focus on one topic/subject despite the activities being highly interactive

  • Hopefully will re-pilot to improve results

  • Presentable curriculum that people could literally just read word for word and run effectively

  • UPCOMING: awareness and connections with new Springfield schools to run the curriculum


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