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Kore Strength

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Our Kore Strength Project works in partnership with I Pour Life, a local non-profit based in Springfield, Missouri. This project assists with managing a Community Boards and contributing to a Community Fund that gives women in extreme poverty the ability to further the lives of their families and community.

Evangel Enactus sent three team members to Kore in March of 2018 to found the first Kore community board

Project Summary and Past Successes

Last year our team decided to allocate $4,000 to develop a long-term international project that would use entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically and socially sustainable way. Julie Higgins, an Evangel business alumnus who founded I Pour Life, a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, was eager to help us make an impact overseas. I Pour Life provides selected women with skills-based training, financial education, and start-up capital for a business. We formed the Kore Strength project team to create guidelines for the Community Fund and Community Board of six Kore women. After assessing opportunities, the team suggested creating a Washhouse to employ women in the community and offer hygiene and health resources in the Kore region.

2018 - 2019 Project Objectives

  • Fundraise $30,000 to begin the construction of the Washhouse project

  • Discover a water partnership to offer clean water to the Washhouse facility

  • Finalize plans for the layout, funding, and profit structure of the facility

Project Update 3-22-19


  • Fundraise $30,000 for Washhouse Marketplace ($20,500 already pledged as of 2/27/19)

  • Spread awareness of health and hygiene practices in Kore

  • Provide a location for individuals to clean themselves and purchase needed items

  • Encourage self-sufficiency for women as they learn entrepreneurial skills and start businesses

  • Reduce the spread of communicable diseases in a community of 100,000 people

  • Encourage economic growth in one of the most destitute communities in Ethiopia


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