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Compassion Project

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Evangel University has engaged a new initiative called the Compassion Project. More details about the University initiative can be found at: Our Compassion Project Enactus team is serving as the first Student-Led board of this project. The team will be managing events to raise funds for Convoy of Hope's Feed One program. They will also complete a strategic plan for the future operations of the project.

2018 - 2019 Project Objectives

  • Meet fundraising goals by offering campus-wide events

  • Brainstorm a strategic plan for meeting goals of event attendance and campus awareness of the mission of the Compassion Project

  • Contribute to the Student-Lead board

  • Plan and contribute to local and global outreach efforts that focus on attacking local hunger epidemics in the Weller Neighborhood

Project Update 3-22-19

  • The Compassion Project is working to planning a 5K to raise awareness and fundraise for the Center for Compassion. We have also participated in the planning of a Hunger Banquet to raise awareness for world hunger initiatives.


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