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Go Green

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Go Green is a project team focussed on overseeing recycling on campus and instituting new Green initiatives. In past years, the Go Green team obtained a grant and brought recycling to Evangel for the first time. University Administration has tasked the team with the job of driving results of recycling on campus.

2018 - 2019 Project Objectives

  • Creating a comprehensive marketing plan for recycling on campus

  • Exploring composting on Evangel's Campus in Partnership with Sigma Zeta

Project Update 3-22-19

  • We launched a school-wide recycling competition to encourage the awareness for a eco-friendlier campus. This competition was advertised for approximately a month with signs and posters everywhere that students and faculty came in contact with. The competition itself lasted for one week with the winning hall receiving a pizza party paid for by Go Green Team.

  • We also launched composting on campus for the student body in the café. This project will reduce the food waste, but more importantly will provide Evangel with a cost-effective way to save costs on dirt or fertilizer for the flowers across campus.


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