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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Team Innovate searches for new Enactus projects and makes suggestions to expand developing teams. Often times we discover new projects when people from outside of our organization approach us for help. Once we have contact, our team researches their organization and needs and set up a meeting. To be able to meet their needs we try to meet a variety of criteria, one being sustainability. Sustainability, for us, looks like creating a project that we can later hand off to the organization itself, and will run on its own. Once all of the research is completed our team begins writing a proposal to submit to the Enactus Officers. We present our proposal and with the Officers feedback we then determine whether or not the projects are viable.

Project Update 3-22-19

Team innovate has completed an in depth feasibility study on two prospective projects and is in the process of compiling a database of non-profits in the Springfield Area for future projects. To date the team has compiled a database of over 200 organizations with contact information and descriptions. We believe that this database will be the future of our team's sustainability.


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