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National Competition 2020

This was a very interesting competition season for Evangel Enactus! Due to COVID-19, National Expo events in Kansas City, MO were cancelled and moved to a virtual platform. This meant that all materials would also be presented and judged virtually. Our officers and competition team rallied and expertly pulled together audio and visuals to represent our accomplishments for the 2019-2020 academic year.

On May 8, the results of opening round of competition were announced via Facebook Live, and Evangel advanced to semi-finals! We are proud to say we took 3rd place in the semi-final round, placing us in the top 12 teams in the nation.

We know our students are outstanding and we love the opportunity we have to showcase their year(s) of hard work. We look forward to coming back next year with some incredible projects and we appreciate all of your support! We love our Springfield and Kore communities – none of this would be possible without you. When we all work together, #WeAllWin.


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