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NEW Officer Board - What does the future of Enactus look like?

We welcome our 2019-2020 Officer Board with open arms and excitement! While they are new to the Board, they are well known in the organization as each of these brilliant officers have previously served in a leadership role on one of our project team.

Zach King (top left) went from Associate Leader to Project Leader of Survival Kits. He has shown tremendous dedication to the mission of Enactus and engages every member on his team. King says his leadership positions have taught him that "the team I lead does not work for me, they work with me. This mindset creates unity on a team and unity will further your team to accomplishing your goals." He intends to use that concept with the new Officers and projects leaders to unify all areas of EU Enactus.

Lauryn Masters (top middle) is in her first year at Evangel University and took charge as the Associate Leader of our international team, Kore Strength. When asked how her current role has shaped her to become an Officer Masters responded, "I have been able to work with individuals of differing personalities and find common threads that draw people together. I plan to apply this to my future position as Director of Community Projects, focusing on coordinating people to accomplish common goals."

Lauren Gore (top right) started on the Public Relations team while co-leading the Coffee Marketing Research project in 2017. She found her passion in Kore Strength as an active member and transitioned into the Project Leader role in the fall. With her newfound officer position Gore plans to apply what she has learned in her previous roles to help build the future of Enactus. She says, "I want to be intentional to provide opportunities for others to have a voice and play a role. There is so much potential in a strong team working together."

Elizabeth Wiebe (bottom left) contributed as one of six speakers on our presentation team in 2018. Filled with enthusiasm this year Wiebe took on the task of redesigning and relaunching our Birthday Kits. She brings the energy and easily connects with other students. Wiebe says she has learned to be an "action-focused, result-oriented leader - when you are not getting results, it is important to keep moving to the next thing!"

Lily Warman (bottom middle) was an active member on team BizKids and has served as the lead photographer on the Public Relations team this year. In January Lily accepted the role of PR Project Leader. She said her role has taught her the importance of communication, "I have sent more emails this semester than in my entire college career!"


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