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Survival Kits

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We acquired the rights to sell both mid-term and final exam kits to students on campus to raise funds to operate our organization. The weekend before mid-terms and finals is when our members come together and form an assembly line to fold boxes, fill them with 20 food and beverage items, attach a personal note from the loved one that ordered the kit, and deliver them to the student’s dorm. Every year our challenge is to continue to increase sales so that we can provide our teams with proper funding and continue to grow and make a bigger impact.

2018 - 2019 Project Objectives

  • Successfully conduct 2018-2019 Survival Kit Sales

  • Researching improvements to kit contents, packaging, and marketing

  • Increasing sales and profit from 2017-2018 Survival Kits

If you would like to purchase a kit for your student click here!

Project Update 3-22-19

  • The survival kits team has launched a brand new kit option: Healthy Kits. We believe in giving parents an opportunity to buy kits for their students during stressful exam weeks, and our audience wanted healthier options. We met the need and tripled our sales projections for the first kit offering! The new online store has opened opportunity to analyze sales, send out enhanced marketing campaigns.


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