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You Had A Hand In Our Highlights!

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

It’s been a whirlwind semester for Evangel Enactus! We’ve accomplished and experienced so much together in four short months and we want to share that with our sponsors!

By The Numbers

We’ve grown to 85 outstanding team members!

We’ve assembled and distributed 153 midterm survival kits this semester (and we still have finals survival kits to go)!

We’ve delivered 48 birthday kits (and COUNTING)!

We collected 1100 lbs. of recyclable materials campus-wide during our recycling competition!

We have taken 20 students on Enactus sponsored leadership training and behind-the-scene business trips!

On What We've Been Doing

First, we want to thank you for purchasing survival kits and birthday kits this semester! You help generate the revenue we allocate to both local and global initiatives. Since the beginning of the school year, we’ve been working to make our campus cleaner and greener with our month-long recycling competition, more compassionate with our Compassion 5K (coming March 2020), and better connected with fun, free events like our annual corn hole tournament, ping pong tournament, and pumpkin painting!

We’ve also been looking outside our campus – specifically at Kore, Ethiopia. This year, we’re continuing research and analysis so we can launch the Kore Washhouse in Spring 2020! We’ve also been working diligently to fundraise to send 5 of our team members to Ethiopia in March. While there, we will determine additional steps and procedures necessary to run the washhouse effectively, and continue strengthening our connection with the Women’s Advisory Board our team helped establish.

On Opportunities

In September, Evangel Enactus took a group of student leaders to a collaboration summit where we interacted with other Enactus chapters in our region. This was a great, productive day of professional development for our team members, but it also served as a launch pad for some innovative new project ideas!

In November, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tour the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Hallmark World Headquarters. At the Federal Reserve Bank, we learned so much about the thing we work so hard to cultivate and invest: money! And we made some great, meaningful connections that may open doors to internships and careers for our students in the future.

At Hallmark, we were afforded an exclusive tour of the creative spaces of the writers, artists, and analysts who work to cultivate kindness around the world every day. Hallmark is one of our biggest partners at Enactus USA so it was exciting to see what they do first hand and how their mission relates to the Enactus mission!

Although we work to give back to our local and global communities, we are also grateful for all of the networking, team building, collaboration, and professional development opportunities we have as a part of Evangel Enactus.

We appreciate your continued support of our organization and we're excited to bring you new updates as we expand our current projects and establish new ones. Thank you for investing in a more sustainable future!


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